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                 I have had the privilege of admiring Charlene's art work for a few years, so it only made sense that I entrusted her fine skills to honor my beloved fur baby's memory with a painting, when she crossed over the rainbow bridge. 

The final outcome of her art piece was something way beyond my expectations. Her dedication to fine detail as well as making this piece very personal is one of the many reasons I have, and continue to praise her on. 

Charlene's professionalism and talents are just a couple characteristics that makes her not only one of the best artists I've come across, but someone I have the opportunity to also call a friend. 

Seeing the likeness in the painting of my dog Chanel, daily, makes it feel like she is still around. 

Thank you for everything Charlene, your hard work definitely does not go unnoticed.

Adamo Di Francesco
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